1. Do you feel school is preparing you adequately for your future. Why or why not?
  2. How do you personally use technology to learn?
  3. Do classes that use more technology appeal to you? Is it easier for you to learn the content?
  4. Does it matter to you if a teacher uses technology in class? Why or why not?
  5. What technology would you like to see teachers use that is not currently being used?  Why did you choose that technology?

Without a doubt, school has done a tremendous amount to prepare me for the future. Although the traditional school system has its drawbacks, pitfalls and hindrances, I truly don’t know where I would be without it, and more importantly what I would do in the future. I believe that school’s major contributions to my preparation for the future come down to three points; structure, work-ethic and knowledge. The structure that school provides has already had a profound positive impact on my life, and I’m sure that it will help me in my future. It’s hard for me to imagine a future where I won’t need to use the time management skills that the many, many, many assignments, homework and quizzes in the past 12 years have taught me. Not to mention the invaluable ability to wake up at 7am every morning, that I would undoubtedly lack, were it not for school. Through all of this, school has also taught me to actually finish all of those assignments and homework, and study for those tests. Finally, and arguably most importantly, school has taught me a lot of the basics since, for example if I had no knowledge of math, then I would be in big trouble in any future I chose, and the same goes for almost every subject.

I personally use technology to learn in a variety of ways. The greatest aid that modern technology provides for learning is in my opinion the vast amount of resources on the internet. Most questions I have had about a lesson, homework or even an entire unit can often be solved after a Google search. In addition to this there are many in depth resources on the internet that can do more than answer questions by actually teaching concepts, an example of this is the site Khan Academy. Moreover‌, portable devices have also had a huge positive impact in my learning. Not only phones and laptops be used to access the internet, but the majority of my work can be completed on them, especially since this paragraph was originally typed on my phone.

When technology is used effectively it is definitely a bonus for a class. Teachers that can use either online resources or software and applications to teach usually make learning easier and definitely more fun. However, although technology can make a class more appealing, it will always trail far behind content in importance.

It matters to me if a teacher uses technology in class, as more often than not, it means that the information taught will be a lot more accessible. For example, teachers who use PowerPoint usually make that available to the students making it far easier to study the data, and teachers with websites provide resources and information in a convenient place, saving time and work that a student would have to do in class.

I think that the best technologies that should be implemented are simple and available ones. Specifically I mean that I would like to see electronic textbooks on phones and tablets widely implemented in every class. They are as easy to use and everyone of a student's textbooks could fit on one device. In addition to this, it would make economic sense to adapt this system, as textbook companies would be unable to charge the same prices as they do now.